Monday, November 18, 2013

Week # 13 ~*SLAP* on the cheek

This week witnessed in first person by Elder Auston Vance
Sorry for the short letter last Tuesday but we couldn't email on Monday and we only had a few minutes for emailing on Tuesday.
So for this week I will tell you what has happened ….
Monday through Friday were average days.  Which composed of talking to less active members and members in their homes and teaching them lessons.
My health is up and down.  I have a cold of some sort, meaning I have a lot of nose blowing and a little bit of coughing.  I bought some vitamin C pills that have 1667% vitamin C in them so I think it is working to get rid of my cold.  I am taking three vitamins: one of them is a multivitamin that has a bunch of stuff for your body and the other one is the vitamin C and the last one is the fiber pill.

The other day I  was eating a Twix that I froze and while I was eating it I felt my metal part of my retainer came out and it hurt.  I then realized that my glue had come off of one or two of the teeth.  There are only two teeth- oriented places in Shen and one is a orthodontist office they won’t even take a look, because I didn't get my braces put on in Shen.  The other one is a dentist office, she said she would look at my retainer and see if they can fix it or not, so we will see if they can.   I am going there on Friday. I will try the dentist and let you know!
Saturday.     We went to Skateland because we do it every Saturday and everything was going normal until this girl, about 15 or 16, came up to me and just full on slapped me in the face.   I had talked to her a little bit just casually about what she was buying and she left and then came back and she just slapped me out of nowhere!??  She then laughed and then patted my same cheek that she slapped and said,  "See, their you go" and walked off.  I had to keep my hands in my pockets so I wouldn't do anything.  Then later she was lectured by the owner about slapping the people who volunteer there.  Slapping is better than KISSING!  At least for ELDERS!
Sunday.   This was the best day of the week!!  We got five less active members to come to church with their families!  All of the benches and all of the chairs that were set up were  filled with people and that day in church was super awesome.  I felt so good that five less active members came to church.  I have to say that some of them we kind of chewed out about not going to church. Amazingly, the next Sunday they all came and brought their families.  So I  guess the chewing out really got their attention to the reasons why they were not going and why they SHOULD go to church.
We find out about transfers on Thanksgiving Day, I don’t think I will be transferred on Thanksgiving so send packages to my address in Shenandoah.

As for my reading, I am reading in Mormon 4. 

Lots of love to everyone and thank Tyson for filling in my binder,
Love Elder Auston Vance