Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week #12 ~ 20 questions answered!

Here is a quick answer to as many of your 20 questions that I can answer…
This week has been super great!!

This whole week has been full of nothing but service. 
From raking some ones yard to playing fetch with a giant German Shepard.

My health is very good.
I am starting to catch a slight cold.
I am eating lots.
I am trying to eat less.  It is hard to cut down.
Thanksgiving we are literally going to five different families for dinner in one day!!
I am reading in the Book  of Mormon.
I am at 3 Nephi 21.
We are still in Shenandoah.
We find out about transfers on Thanksgiving Day.
Could you please send me the Piano Guys Christmas CD?   I would also love the first Piano Guys CD. 
Thanks for everything,
Love Elder Vance