Monday, November 4, 2013

Week # 11 ~ 2 New Zone Leaders + 1 Mother Baptized + 1 Temple Day = One Great Week!

The wondrous and fantastic Elder Auston T. Vance, missionary of the LDS church…
Now presents this week……

Monday.  p-day, was normal-ish.  We went shopping at Wal-Mart and got a few things and did our laundry and played a little basketball at the church.
Tuesday.  We found out that the area that our zone leaders were serving in, got white washed (where both missionary's get transferred to somewhere else for certain reasons) Elder Rigby was appointed as assistant to the mission president and Elder Neilson was transferred to another place because he only has a few weeks left on his mission.  So we got two new zone leaders who are not in any way familiar with the zone or the area that they are serving in.  They seem really nice and I have gone on an exchange with one of them already.
Wednesday.  We new we had zone meeting the next day, so we went up to Clarinda and spent the night with some of the elders who lived up there.

Thursday.  We had zone meeting all day up is Sioux City, which is about 3 or so hours drive away from our apartment.  We had to fast that morning and we were super hungry and for lunch they served us bread bowls with soup in them.  We had a very spiritual lessons and teachings that day.  After the meeting our zone leaders found out that we had a temple trip the next day, so we had to spend the night at another elders apartment again.   It would have been to hazard for us to drive all the way to Shenandoah and back.
Friday.  We had an awesome temple trip and did endowments and watched the new movie (Elder smith was seeing it for the first time). It was super great and very spiritual in the celestial room, all of the elders were hugging each other and really feeling the spirit strong. After that, we headed home.
Saturday.   We finally got home it was so nice to get to sleep on an actual bed and not the floor, which felt great by the way, We resumed the usual things with our area in teaching and visiting members and less active members.  The greatest thing was that we had another baptism that day.  Kyle (the person we baptized before that I was telling you about) baptized his mom.  It was super cool seeing someone who was baptized a few weeks before baptize his mom.
Sunday.  It was church and testimony meeting.  I didn’t get the chance to bear my testimony because a lot of people were giving around 10 minute talks.  I was really ready and feeling like I should.

So that is my week….
Love you lots and lots,
Love Elder Vance