Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week # 1 ~In one word Awesome!

Hi everyone!!  

It’s been so AWESOME here at the MTC!

It's temperature is kind of hot here sometimes, but its cool at night.  My apartment is really nice, there are four elders living in the apartment with me.  My apartment doesn't have any air conditioning in it and some one left a half empty gallon of milk in the fridge.  

Yesterday after class ended there was a giant thunder storm right above our heads! It was super cool.  

The day after that (it was a Friday) my district composing of six Elders played volleyball when it started to rain a lot!  We were soaked!  

Today is Saturday, its our P day.
 It took a while to figure out how to work the washer and dryer for the first time but it’s working.  

The food here is awesome, you can have pancakes or eggs with toast for breakfast with chocolate milk and even an ice cream whenever you want!

I forgot to mention.  I am  leaving on September 4th to go to Nebraska, I  have to leave for the  airport at 4:30 A.M. 

My comp is Elder Martinez he is awesome!

Love you all and I will write you next week.

Wish Preston, Makenzie, and Tyson good luck with school this year!

Love ,
Elder Vance